Registration for 6th Sibguadua will be done by completing the following steps:

We have arranged the following channels:

Consignment or bank transfer
Bank: Bancolombia
Type of Account: Savings
Account number: 640-749384-24

For consignments outside of Colombia, you must inform your bank of the following information:

Beneficiary’s name: International Bamboo Society and Guadua Sibguadua
Beneficiary phone:
Beneficiary’s city: Bogotá
Beneficiary country: Colombia
SWIFT code of Bancolombia of eight characters: COLOCOBM
SWIFT code of Bancolombia of eleven characters: COLOCOBMXXX

For transfers or deposits in Ecuador:

Beneficiary: Fundación Ecuatoriana del Hábitat FUNHABIT
Bank: Banco Internacional Quito – Ecuador
Account Type: Current
Account Number: 43061292-6
Address: Av. Patria y 9 de Octubre

For transfers outside of Ecuador you must tell your bank the following information:

Beneficiary: Fundación Ecuatoriana del Hábitat FUNHABIT
Phone: +593 – 2 – 2958220
Cell phone: +593 – 998234385
City of the beneficiary: Quito
Beneficiary Country: Ecuador

Sent the bank receipt and the registration form to



Registration fees are expressed in Dollars

For students

SIBGuadua Partners

General public

Before September 15th


After September16th


Extra Ticket Cocktail Bamboo Latitude 0°        $ 25

Be part of the Cocktail Bamboo Latitude , on October 24 at 8:00 pm, at the “Antojo Manabita” located in The Chillos Valley, a space that has an imposing structure of bamboo and Guadua, which will allow you to live an unforgettable experience and enjoy the delicious gastronomy of Manabí.

Workshop Latitude 0°      $20

On Friday, October 25, the workshop «Latitude 0 °: Structures with Bamboo» will be held. It will consist of 4 groups of 10 people and led by a specialist in design and construction in bamboo. Register now, there are only 40 spaces available.

Field Visits      $45

As parallel activities, we will have guided field visits to the plantations of Dendrocalumus Asper and Guadua Angustifolia from the company Allpabambú located in the Northwest of the province of Pichincha. As well as, to the Training Center and Nutenka Paki Provincial Formation that has a bamboo and preservation structures of bamboo in the province of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas.

The cost includes the guide visit, transportation and lunch.

  • (1) Registration fee for students who certify their current registration.
  • (2) Registration fee for SIBGuadua members who are up to date with their contribution for the year 2019.
  • (3) A discount of 10% will be made for groups of 10 people.


Additional Information:

The registration fee includes: a memoir of the symposium and coffee breaks.

When the payment has been successfully processed, the registered person will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

Refund policy:

The registration fee will not be refundable.

Contact authors of an article accepted for presentation at the congress can send a substitute, but not receive reimbursement for their registration.